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What's inside the guide

A note to the reader from Mina

I used to think all you needed to succeed were good grades. After all, our grades were mainly what we focused on in high school to get into university.

When I started studying engineering, I realized that getting good grades wasn’t so simple anymore. And even if I did get the best grades, it wasn’t enough to help me find work.

Then, after I graduated from engineering and started working in the professional world, it became clearer that building a career, reaching my goals, being happy, and making money required a lot more than my transcript from university.

The problem was that nobody taught me the nontechnical skills I needed outside the classroom. I was too busy with the workload to try and figure it out myself. I was learning the technical skills in the classroom and later at work (which is very important in a profession like engineering). But it took me a long time to teach myself the necessary nontechnical skills that would help me move forward in my career.

I believe we see the best results in our careers when we have the necessary technical skills and the nontechnical ones such as time management, confidence, social skills, strong mindset,...etc.

My goal is to help you start paying attention to the skills that aren’t taught in the classroom, while you are still in university, before you enter the professional world.

After reading this guide, you will not only graduate university with a degree but also as a stronger and more confident person. You’ll be ready to face the real world with your character and mindset while feeling empowered.

I learned this the hard way. I wish someone had told me what I’m telling you right now when I was a first-year engineering student. But I want to make it easier for you by sharing my personal experience, and summarizing all that I’ve learned through the endless number of books I’ve read, in the twelve chapters of this guide.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope reading this guide will help you strengthen your unique character and reach your potential. I know for certain that slowly, you’ll find what you want to do in life, not only to be successful but also to be happy.

- Mina Dezyanian

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