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Connecting women on the IronRingGirls Platform to career options in engineering through easily accessible resources, is our mission. 

We believe in the power of community and feeling connected. All of our resources come from our community members. It's the sharing of our experiences and knowledge that will help each of us in our careers and help us to live our best lives. 



Mina Dezyanian

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I'm Mina Dezyanian and  I work in construction development in Toronto, Canada. After I graduated at the University of Toronto from civil engineering in 2014, I created the online community of women in engineering on Instagram called "IronRingGirls". I quickly realized school didn't teach me enough about the real professional world, so I started sharing my experience online. Once I saw how effecting that was, I show cased other women's experience as well. 

I truly believe in the power of communities and have a deep passion of helping women live their best lives.


Read about my

University Experience

  • motivate yourself to study

  • manage time to not miss out on life 

  • manage stress in a healthy way

  • become confident in yourself

  • plan your life after graduation 

"Making it easier on you by sharing all the lessons I learnt in university"

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