We are all struggling in our careers in one way or another in 2020, and that is no secret. Why is it that some people feel like they're wasting their time and some people are being extremely productive? The secret is focus.

We already live in a world filled with distractions. Your phone itself is the biggest distraction that can be a serious waste of time. On top of that, we have Covid-19. Most people are working from home which creates even more distractions with the TV and kitchen being 2 seconds away. So now here's the truth if you actually want to use your time wisely and be productive:

The art of being successful in 2020 is being able to focus on one thing for 25 minute intervals.

Think of it this way, if you plan your day to have 10-15 25 minutes to truly focus on something, in one year you will for sure have more productivity than someone who just "went with the flow".

It might sound simple, but it needs some serious planning. Here's some tips you can use to help you with your 25 minute focus intervals:

1. Use a timer app

My manager told me about the app "Focus Keeper" and I use it every day. You can set the timer for 25 minutes to focus then 5-10 minutes of break time.

2. Plan your to-do list the night before

The key here is to be organized. If you know what you have to do the moment you wake up, it'll set the tone for the day. Then you can break the tasks down to smaller 25 minute intervals.

3. Have goals

Without goals, you are aimlessly getting tasks done, and that can be discouraging. When you're working towards a goal, you can measure the outcomes of the 25 minute intervals to see how productive you are being towards that goal.

When we were in university it was easy to have goals and plan our days because we had to follow the university schedule. As we grow up and enter the real world, there is no more schedule. You can sleep and be on your phone all day, or you can get up and be productive.

That part is up to you.

In the below book for engineering students, I talk about the study method I used in university that helped my study sessions be productive. I call it the "High Intensity Interval Studying" method and talk about it in chapter 5 "How do I motivate myself to study?"

You can click here to read my guide:

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