I can almost guarantee as engineering students, most of us have had the stress of grades affect our mental health on one way or another. This definitely also applies to students in other professions, but since I studied engineering myself, I'm going to stick to this topic.

How do grades affect mental health? Are grades important? Are grades an accurate representation of learning? Here's some important messages that will answer those questions for you.

An Ivy league school is not the only way to go

Recently many scholars have been challenging the need to go to an ivy league school. Each country has its "top 5" universities., but is that a guaranteed way to succeed? The answer is of course, no. You do not need to put your mental health at risk to go to one of these schools. You will learn just as much at the many other great universities out there.

Engineering is about problem solving, not scoring perfect on a test

I don't know about other professions, but when you work in engineering, most of the time you are solving a problem. Whether it's construction, design, coding, or innovation, you are using your knowledge and problem solving skills. Getting a 4.0 GPA is definitely not an accurate representation of whether you will be successful in your engineering career.

Without a healthy mind, your grades mean nothing

Let's say you did everything in your power to get that 4.0 GPA. You sacrificed everything for it. Your social life, your relationships, and your own sanity. And as a cherry on top, you got the job of your dreams. Now what? Do you know how to enjoy your life? Do you know how to make long lasting friendships? Do you know how to socialize at work? If yes, then that's amazing. But if not, you need to stop and take care of the other parts of your life that are equally, if not, even more important than your career.

Average grades can get you incredible job positions

The truth is, good grades can land you great opportunities. However, if getting them is sacrificing your mental strength and sanity, it's important to know average grades can also land you great opportunities.

Many companies have already realized this. They don't hire just based on grades or the school you went to. They hire based on your experience and character. So if you feel like you or someone you know needs support, talk to them about this!

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