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( and how to overcome the struggles )

4. The engineers in construction

In the construction industry the sites were open most of the time. Engineers who have to make site visits as part of their job either quit or managed to do so in a safe manner. This comes with a lot of fear and uncertainty. For these engineers, I highly encourage you to be vocal if you see people not following the safety protocols on site.

3. The work from
home engineer

Depending on what field of engineering you’re in, most companies implemented a work from home environment. Although this sounds amazing, it highly depends on your living situation. It could actually be a nightmare for you. For these types of engineers, re-thinking their lifestyle has been a major change during the pandemic.

2. The recent engineering grads

Since the pandemic lasted so long, many engineering students graduated during this time. Not only did most of them miss out on having a graduation celebration, but they are also finding it difficult to find work. If you are part of this group, networking online is one of the best options for you. Messaging recruiters on LinkedIn directly can increase your chances. It will get better, it’s just a difficult time at
the moment.

1. The students

As if studying engineering isn’t hard enough, most engineering students have to do it remotely online. Depending on your living situation, your friends, and the workload, this is a huge mental struggle for many. If you’re experiencing this, have as many interactions (online) as you can with your classmates. Create study groups with people you don’t even know. And if you can, get out of
your room and get some fresh air.


If you need more tips for engineering students, click here to read my guide:

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